Kevin O’Driscoll

As a business and technical executive for over 25 years working with business owners who struggled in actualization of their dream of business ownership.
I recognized that every high-performing person in the world has a coach in one form or another. From athletes to business leaders to political leaders, the highest performers know that having someone they trust who provides good advice is necessary to maintain high performance.
If you want to be a high performer in business, you have come to the right place! I have a variety of services to help you – no matter your budget. Here’s a sampling:

1. One-on-One Coaching:
If you want to make the fastest and most long-lasting changes, this is the program for you. However, please understand that real lasting change does take time. There is no magic wand. As you progress, you and I will work on time-tested, world-class business strategies to get your business humming!

2. E-University – This program is specifically built for the business owner who knows they need some help but not ready to make the commitment of time or finances to a one-to-one coaching engagement. Its a distance learning program designed to increase leads, transactions and cash flow in your business.

3. Group Coaching:
This program is for owners who have either limited budgets or just want to be a part of a group of fellow business owners. We will meet on a regular basis and go through the evaluations, where you will have an allotted time within the group to present challenges and get help from not only me – but the other business owners as well.

4. Group Training:
This program is designed for business owners who are not necessarily challenged by accountability, but rather would like to learn. It is a 13 week long training program that meets once per week. It is in a “workshop” format and you will go through exercises and begin to design systems for marketing, leadership, sales, customer service, human resources and financial management

Kevin O'Driscoll

Managing Director: RIY Business Group Inc.