Jeanene Arrington-Fisher

To continue to introduce persons of all ages about the natural world and outdoor recreation. To build up my clientele base with home school groups, church groups and clubs that are interested in getting their students and members outdoors Teaching classes or speaking on site or at our location

Experience: I have 20+ years experience with bringing in new clients and leads to the companies I have worked with and for. Current experience includes marketing, sales, office and event management, customer service and training. I am involved with many local chambers and leads groups. I have have organized annual local events; participated in activities such as the “Great American Teach-in, on-site training/programs at local schools, and have been a guest speaker for local community organizations.

I have also been responsible for arranging vendors to train staff, acquiring MDF funds for advertising, selling advertising space and updating direct mail campaigns.

I also have performed well in all levels of sales including retail and E-Commerce.

Jeanene Arrington-Fisher

Owner and Lead Guide for Not a Clue Adventures