Ontraport Review & Pricing Guide 2022
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Ontraport Review & Pricing Guide 2022

Ontraport is among the most affordable yet powerful marketing automation systems available today. Over the past several years, it’s become an industry leader in the automation marketing/email marketing space.
Ontraport Review & Pricing Guide 2022

Ontraport is among the most affordable yet powerful marketing automation systems available today. Over the past several years, it’s become a leader in the automation marketing/email marketing space.

Its combination of features, email management, CRM, page builder, and e-commerce combined with its extremely flexible campaign builder has made Ontraport the standard choice for many online businesses.

Ontraport Benefits

Visual Campaign Builder

In 2017, Ontraport announced Ontraport 5 — one of the biggest upgrades to the platform since the original launch. Ontraport 5 launched their Visual Campaign Builder to replace their traditional sequence system, among other benefits.

Over the last few years, Ontraport has continued to develop the campaign builder’s flexibility, options, and feature set to give you total control of your automation marketing.

A Huge Range of Features

With Ontraport, you get a CRM, shopping cart, affiliate management tool, a landing page/microsite creator, auto-responders, a WordPress or built-in membership platform, task automation, and much more!

Usually, when a company offers a list of features like this, you might suspect that some of them are just going to be bells and whistles. This isn’t the case with Ontraport — all of their features are quite good.

True Multi-Channel Marketing

One of my favorite aspects of Ontraport is the ability to automate campaigns across multiple marketing channels. You can, for instance, communicate with leads via a 2-way text message, follow up with an automated email, or even send them a postcard in the mail.

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This ability to communicate via email, not just across social platforms and outside of the online world, is a huge selling point for Ontraport, allowing companies to stand out from the crowd and reach leads/customers with less noise with which to compete.

Great Email Delivery Rates

Ontraport has their own dedicated IP addresses for sending emails, which have very high sender reputations, enabling you to avoid the spam box and get amazing email delivery rates.

Highly-Segmented Reporting

With Ontraport, you track everything using UTM variables (available in Pro & Enterprise editions only), making it easy for you to know your CPA, customer lifetime value, and which lead sources or content campaigns generate the best ROI.

Amazing Customer Support

Ontraport’s support is rated one of the best in the industry. They offer a combination of response live chat members (who are experienced and ready to help) to remote sessions with experts, where they can log in and see your problem with you to help find the answers.

Their Facebook group and community are also engaged. I’ve posted comments and questions on numerous occasions and have received responses in short order from high-level Ontraport team members, right up to Landon Ray, the CEO, directly.

I can’t say enough about the dedication that Landon and his team show by making sure people can use Ontraport to fit their business needs and listening to feedback from their users.

On top of their standard support, Ontraport runs an annual conference for training and feature releases called “Ontrapalooza.” They also provide a huge library of training and educational content to ensure that customers get the most out of their software.

Mobile App

In May 2021, Ontraport released their mobile version of Ontraport for Android. This is the first attempt from Ontraport at mobile in several years. The Apple version of the software is due out in July of 2021, and I am excited to begin testing. NOTE: I’ll update this review when I can spend a little time on the mobile platform to provide feedback.

Powerful Shopping Cart

From automated credit card payments, collections, to upsells the Ontraport shopping cart has many powerful features to reduce friction and boost conversion rates.

Metrics Dashboard

While it is completely customizable and can pull huge amounts of data, the Ontraport dashboard isn’t particularly inspiring visually. As shown below, the main dashboard displays a table of boxes that show whatever metrics are most important to you.

Ontraport Challenges

Steep Learning Curve

It can take weeks, even months, to understand everything you can do in Ontraport. While their software does have a steep learning curve, I can say from working with several clients that the time invested is WELL SPENT. The amount of flexibility Ontraport provides does come at a price of taking a little effort to master, but once you understand the workflow, you’ll be amazed how your business ever ran without it.

In the last year, Ontraport has also released several improvements to help make it easier for its users. They’ve released “Systems,” which combines the different pieces of a project to keep it organized, as well as templates so you can build some of the most common requests they received.

Limited Integrations

While Ontraport does have an API and support for webhooks, it also has about 25 listed partner integrations. Ontraport also supports Zapier and similar tools to allow cross-platform integration. They do provide integration support for the most common applications; however, this is one area I’d love to see Ontraport expand on.

Duplicate Records

Ontraport doesn’t make it easy to clean up your records and remove duplicate contacts. They have a tool to combine duplicate records, which does work, but in my experience, I’ve found it clunky and awkward to use, especially for new users.

Ontraport Pricing

Ontraport’s pricing is that you only need to pay for what you need. Instead of needing to upgrade to the next tier, you can pay an extra $99/month for 100,000 extra email credits or $47/month for an additional user.

With Ontraport, the fees for adding extra users, contacts, and email credits are significantly less than some of their competitors, which makes it easier and more affordable to grow your list size and automation sequences.

Review Summary

If you sell information products, run a membership site, or have an online training or coaching company, Ontraport is a strong contender for a good marketing automation tool. You will get the features and the power your business will need, and your customers will love it.