Kartra Delayed Cancellation Introduced
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Kartra Delayed Cancellation Introduced

Kartra has solved a long term membership software issue with its announcement of “Delayed Cancellation”.
Kartra Delayed Cancellation Introduced

Kartra has solved a long-term membership software issue with its announcement of “Delayed Cancellation”.

If you’ve ever purchased a year-long subscription and realized halfway through the year that it wasn’t meeting your expectations, you know how frustrating it can be to cancel a membership.

In many cases, your membership will get instantly canceled, (despite the fact that you already paid for an entire year) even if you’re planning to ride the remainder of the year out.

Kartra Delayed Cancellation

That’s why Kartra has introduced a brand new Delayed Cancellation Feature to keep your customers happy. This new feature allows you to extend your customer’s membership to the end of their billing cycle so they won’t get recharged, but they still receive what they paid for.

Let’s say your client or customer decides they want to cancel their membership. With Delayed Cancellation, you now have the ability to immediately end their membership, effective immediately, or extend it until the end of their billing cycle. No matter which option you choose, their billing will be stopped as soon as they cancel.

Below is a look at how to turn the new feature on inside your account. Simply head over to the Product Pricing section of Kartra and then click on Pricing. If you want to turn Delayed Cancellation on, select Price 1. To turn Delayed Cancellation off, choose Price 2.

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New Instant Cancellation

You can take advantage of the new Instant Cancellation section of Kartra for products that have a recurring payment component. This feature gives you two options. You can either remove your customer’s access and automatically cancel any automations they’ve set up as well or you can delay this process if you prefer to extend their access after they’ve canceled.

Additional New Kartra Features

Another feature that just got added to Kartra is the ability to resize your images wider than 1920px. You’ll notice a big impact on your pages with wider images.

Finally, this new update includes the option to redirect membership banners and post image components to external URLs, Kartra pages, or members' posts. This is a great addition to the many benefits of Kartra in my opinion.

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Don’t forget that you can give Kartra a test drive for 14 days for just $1. Kartra is one of the best ways to dive into the digital marketing world for your business without having to deal with some of the arduous details that can accompany it.

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