Benchmark Review (Hatchbuck)
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Benchmark Review (Hatchbuck)

BenchmarkONE (formerly Hatchbuck) is a CRM and marketing tool that empowers users to execute sales and marketing campaigns and monitor performance from one seamless solution.
Benchmark Review (Hatchbuck)

BenchmarkONE (formerly Hatchbuck) is a CRM and marketing tool that empowers users to execute sales and marketing campaigns and monitor performance from one seamless solution. The software was formerly known as Hatchbuck until a partnership and rebrand in April 2020.

Small- and medium-sized businesses looking to achieve or revamp sales and marketing automations time should consider BenchmarkONE. It’s a low-risk option that offers adequate capabilities at a relatively low price.

Whether you knew it as Hatchbuck or discover it for the first time as BenchmarkONE, it’s the same great solution that will make a great fit for your first automation tool and may be all you’ll ever need.

Who is Hatchbuck for?

BenchmarkONE / Hatchbuck is a perfect fit for small- and medium-sized businesses looking to add or improve their sales and marketing support.

The solution offers an abundance of marketing and sales automation at a relatively low price, which makes BenchmarkONE a great first system for small business marketing professionals and more novice marketing technology users.

It does leave some things to be desired, such as digital advertising tools. And the depth of capabilities may not satisfy the requirements of more tenured marketing professionals.

Hatchbuck Features

BenchmarkONE’s wide range of features provides all the tools for you to increase site visitors, boost their conversion rate, qualify them into prioritized leads, and nurture them to their point of purchase.

You can leverage essential CRM and marketing features to monitor sales, segment leads, and establish email automation guidelines, providing an overall boost to digital marketing skills across your team.

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BenchmarkONE offers tons of automation capabilities that are designed to uncover digital marketing tips, giving you and your team time back in your day for moving the revenue needle, work-life balance, or anything in between.

Here is a rundown of essential features BenchmarkONE provides users:

Lead Management

BenchmarkONE / Hatchbuck offers lead management capabilities, including lead scoring, behavioral analysis and automated response. Receive alerts when leads trigger buying behavior measures, such as crossing a score threshold, clicking on a high-value link, or visiting a designated conversion page.

BenchmarkONE / Hatchbuck enables you to monitor and set automatic responses to such triggers in real-time.

BenchmarkONE provides a simple solution to house and organize your contacts, turn them into leads and move them down your sales funnel.

And as a nice but less impactful feature, BenchmarkONE populates your contact profiles with their social media images and profile links, allowing you to see who you’re talking to and gain some personal insights to use in your outreach.

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Hatchbuck Review & Hatchbuck Pricing 2021 25

Pipeline Management

Pipeline management is a sales-focused extension for BenchmarkONE CRM. Use pipeline management to gain insight on sales performance and how close individuals or teams are to hitting sales goals.

The pipeline feature showcases all the leads you are actively pursuing and where they are in the sales process. These leads automatically enter the pipeline upon converting on specific pages.

You can also manually insert leads into the pipeline to account for offline activities. You can set up sales stages that map to your brand positioning and unique sales process. And you can also create unique fields on the lead profile to customize the information you collect on each lead.

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Email Marketing

BenchmarkONE provides essential email marketing capabilities that enable you to create, test, deliver and analyze one-off emails and full campaigns. You can use BenchmarkONE’s drag-and-drop email builder to create customized emails that match your desired aesthetic without having any coding experience.

If you need to move quickly or don’t trust your design eye, you can use one of the many professional templates in the BenchmarkONE library, including many mobile-oriented templates. And if you have the expertise in-house, you can code your own emails using the HTML editor.

BenchmarkONE’s email marketing features automation capabilities that allow you to program designated events or lead behaviors to trigger an email response. And email link tracking capabilities enable you to monitor which contacts and leads are opening emails, clicking links, and moving through to your website.

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Drip and Nurture Campaigns

Drip capabilities are essential to any email marketing plan. BenchmarkONE provides email drip tools that enable you to build and automate nurture campaigns that engage leads by systematically “dripping” out emails.

These campaigns regularly engage all, segments or individual prospects or leads with customized messaging.

Messaging is automatically customized based on the behaviors and actions taken across the site and with past marketing materials, such as downloading an industry-specific ebook or requesting pricing information.

This drip and nurture campaign seem to be the extent to which BenchmarkONE offers journey-building capabilities. The difference between the Journey Builder of Salesforce’s Pardot and BenchmarkONE’s offering is that these drip campaigns are confined to email, whereas Journey Builder can be dynamically programmed to offer personalization across multiple marketing channels.

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Analytics and Attribution

Hatchbuck offers reporting for email and sales performance. The email reporting helps marketers monitor open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, unsubscribes and spam complaints. BenchmarkONE enables you to drill down to view any of these rates at an individual lead level.

From a sales reporting perspective, BenchmarkONE offers insight into the sales pipeline. You can monitor the entire pipeline or drill down to the status of each individual sales person’s pipeline.

There does seem to be at least some basic attribution reporting baked into the solution, allowing you to view deals in your pipeline by their lead source. This is essential information for optimizing your marketing strategy and spending.

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Landing Page and Custom Forms

BenchmarkONE supports easy drag-and-drop creation for landing pages and forms. You can customize landing pages or use one of the many professionally built templates included in the solution.

The same goes for embedded forms — you can create custom forms to embed throughout your website that all feed conversion information back into your CRM.

BenchmarkONE also makes it easy to insert popups that you can place at the top of your website, along the side and as a popover. The header popups can be made sticky so that they’re always there, even as site visitors scroll.

This feature and the popover form are great for gaining newsletter followers. The popups along the side of the page are great for providing additional downloadable content and information.

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Web Page Tracking

Web page tracking is critical for segmenting and personalizing your marketing outreach and sales efforts. BenchmarkONE enables you to use cookies to track contacts as they move across your site.

This is much better than not tracking at all, but it means that BenchmarkONE / Hatchbuck is only able to track the site visits and actions of contacts who have converted on your site or clicked through to your site via an email link.

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BenchmarkONE CRM Ease of Use

BenchmarkONE provides a relatively easy-to-use CRM and marketing automation tool. The features all seem to be well put together and don’t delve very deeply into the technical side of marketing automation.

The product dashboard provides a clean and convenient centralized location from which to jump to whatever you need to accomplish within the platform.

And the drag-and-drop email and form builders, as well as the pre-built templates, make it easy for marketers without any design or coding experience to easily create and send unique, branded professional emails.

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Hatchbuck Pricing

BenchmarkONE / Hatchbuck pricing varies across three different pricing tiers, as well as a special package for agencies. Pricing tiers are based on the number of users, contacts, emails per month and feature sets.

And since there’s nothing like free marketing software, users can take advantage of BenchmarkONE’s 14-day free trial before committing to the solution. You can see the breakdown of users, contacts, emails and pricing for each option below.

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In addition to the variations in users, contacts and emails per month, there are different benefit sets that come with the tiers. The Small Biz tier includes Quickstart onboarding, whereas Premium onboarding features are baked into the pricing for the Team and Professional tiers.

The two higher tiers also include added user security that isn’t included with the Small Biz tier.

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BenchmarkONE Support

BenchmarkONE offers online support, as well as live training, in all three of its packages. It also offers an expansive knowledge base called the Help Deck.

The Help Deck features articles, instructions, video training and webinars, all geared around the product and general best practices for marketing and sales automation.

Other key BenchmarkONE support components are its onboarding programs. It offers two different onboarding programs baked into the tiers. The Small Biz plan comes with Quickstart onboarding, which features:

  • Online knowledge base
  • Email support
  • Phone support
  • One-hour live training
  • 30-day access to a dedicated consultant

The Premium onboarding plan builds on these offerings by bumping the live training allotment to three hours and doubling access to a dedicated consultant to 60 days. Premium onboarding also includes a business strategy session as well as a six-month health check-up for your business and BenchmarkONE usage.

Hatchbuck Benefits

BenchmarkONE combines essential sales and marketing tools and automations into one seamless, integrated platform. It provides a ton of benefits for smaller businesses adopting such a solution for the first time or replacing an array of pieced-together tools.

It may not be a great fit for larger businesses and enterprises that need to go deeper into more technical customizations for their marketing and sales needs.

For small- and medium-sized businesses, BenchmarkONE will free up tons of time for you to be more hands-on and present in engaging with clients and employees. The reporting and automations will streamline your operation and provide insight and accountability across the board.

BenchmarkONE is a Seamless Starter Solution

BenchmarkONE / Hatchbuck is a great fit for small- to medium-sized businesses that need to optimize operations and adopt automation capabilities.

The integration of key sales and marketing tools allows smaller businesses to make their investments stretch further than if they were to bring on separate tools for marketing automation and sales automation.

The analytics and attribution capabilities could be stronger, and marketers may eventually want to graduate to a more robust customer journey builder. But BenchmarkONE is great for getting out of the gate and growing your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of forms does BenchmarkONE support?

BenchmarkOne  gives you the ability to embed forms throughout your site. It also has pre-built forms designed to collect email addresses for newsletter subscribers or convert users to download additional content.

What’s the difference between BenchmarkONE’s onboarding offers?

BenchmarkONE offers a Quickstart onboarding package with their lowest-priced tier and a Premium onboarding with the higher tier. The Premium onboarding comes with more consultation support and live training.

Is BenchmarkONE a fit for larger businesses?

BenchmarkONE / Hatchbuck may not be a fit for larger and enterprise businesses that require more flexibility and customization in their sales and marketing automation. The tool best serves small- and medium-sized businesses.