7 Tricks to Sell More Products on Social Media

Here’s a little something you may want to take into consideration about whether you’d want to use social media in your business:

Over 78% of the U.S. population uses social media.

This number comes from 2016 and expected to grow in this new year. In fact, there has been an average 5% increase in social media usage, each year, since the early 2010’s. So we can say social media isn’t going anyway.

So then what do you do with social media for business? Social selling, of course.

You may have already experienced social selling.

Have you ever hopped onto your social media account (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and the others), shared your opinion about a brand, product, or service and received a message back from the company?

Did you find it helpful enough that you turned into a regular customer?

Congratulations, you’ve experienced a form of social selling!

Social Selling Leverages Platforms & Creativity

Other ways companies are doing social selling could include:

  • Creating tight-knit communities within the social platform
  • Holding contests and other interactive marketing campaigns
  • Advertising and latching on to hashtags and other trends
  • Using hyper-specific landing pages for social media campaigns
  • Taking orders after providing info and having the customer call in

Social selling can be powerful for businesses. Customer service reps who use social media have proven to be more effective than their counterparts that wait for the calls.

Let’s go ahead and examine a few of the different ways your business can get the most from social selling – these are the tricks that work.

Tricks to Improve Your Social Selling

We already know this:

  • The vast majority of the U.S. population use social media
  • Companies have already invested millions into social campaigns
  • Entire fields created to bridge social to business opportunities

This should already get you excited about the prospect of social selling. Now it’s the matter of putting it into action — and making it work.

Before you do all this: KNOW your audience.

  • Follow the influencers
  • Connect with authorities
  • Join groups and discussions
  • Share something
  • Understand the platform
  • Read from the analytics

You’ll learn your audience the more you’re using social so try to integrate that as part of your daily routine before trying any higher-level tricks. Okay, so…

Trick #1: Streamline the Sales Experience

The majority of those using social media are now doing so through their smartphones and other mobile-ready devices.

Maximizing social selling means the landing page they’re reaching conforms to their devices, strips all the unnecessary information, and has a clean checkout process. Keep sales pages short and sweet and easy-to-use.

The goal is to convey as much as possible without bogging down the user and taking away from the social experience.

Trick #2: Understand Your Impact

Social should track the same as you’d do with website traffic and other advertising & marketing metrics.

The same metrics like bounce rate, conversion, and time on site needs to be accounted for and paired with the social media interactions and campaigns to see what’s working for the business.

Tools that will help understand the social selling impact could include:

  1. Hootsuite
  2. Klout
  3. TweetReach
  4. Social Mention
  5. (Your preferred) Analytics services

You can only guestimate how well your social is when all you go on are likes and shares. You need to know what happens after these occurrences.

Trick #3: Encourage Sharing & Content

Social media isn’t a one-directional communication channel.

The point of social is to have a back-and-forth between one another. These interactions create excitement a brand which then leads to shares and a potential to be featured in the content an influencer or authority may want to create to profile their interaction with your company.

Social campaigns which encourage users to share pictures, leave reviews, shoot videos, and take part in polls are valuable for social selling as they are the type of shares their followers want.

Feed into their interests and give them an outlet which, in turn, helps in your social reach (especially when they create backlinks to your site and profiles).

Trick #4: Funnel the Followers

Social platforms are somewhat limited by design — such as the 140 character limit when using Twitter. You may want to share more.

Likewise, people have plenty to see and share. They aren’t going to sign up for social to follow your brand. You have to catch them and keep them in the fold when they’re not too excited about your social updates.

This can be done through funneling the audience.

Try funneling social users from one platform to another (like Facebook to Twitter) or encourage them to sign up to an email list by enticing them with discounts, exclusive content, and other goodies.

Trick #5: Don’t be too Aggressive

Does this count as a trick? It certainly needs to be said…

Many businesses that try to use social selling do it by hammering their message over the heads of their followers.

This results in:

  • People becoming aggravated
  • The business coming across as too pushy
  • People being confrontational

Don’t go into social as if you’re a used car salesperson. Don’t be the type that’s so aggressive you turn them off not only on the prospect of a sale but even following your business in the first place.


  • Lurk and listen to the conversations
  • Provide genuine advice, information, and interactions
  • Let the person decide if it’s best for them
  • Put out the fires you may have caused by stirring the pot

If you can do these then you’re already ahead of most in the game.

Trick #6: High-Quality Images & Videos

People don’t understand the product until they have it in their hands.

Improve your social selling by using high-quality pictures and videos to promote the products and services. Let them get a real idea of how it works by showing it off and digging into how it all works.

Photos capture the eye and videos keep the attention. Invest in proper stock photos or a camera to shoot your own.

Get into making videos for marketing purposes. These are game changers in social selling.

Trick #7: Create a Referral Scheme

Affiliate marketing goes hand-in-hand with social selling because it empowers the followers to do what they’re already doing: sharing!

In this situation, they’re now earning a kick-back through a commission through the referrals. Once they get a taste of earning money by representing their favorite brand they may go on to creating content, starting discussions, or showing advertisements to their followers.

Plus! Those new individuals discovering your brand will become followers and give you new opportunities to interact and further the social selling!

Wrapping up on Social Selling

Social media can be used by anyone which is why it’s such a beautiful way to interact with the World.

Social selling was the natural evolution of online business. There is no glass ceiling as to how far a business can go with their efforts in social media. Social isn’t going away — it’s only getting larger.

Your business needs to be using social the same way it needs a website. It’s absolutely vital.

Social selling will, too, become just as important as every other main element of your business. So get started today.

What are your tricks for improving your social selling?